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Several methods in plastic welding repair

Plastics are often used in life. Generally, vehicle bumpers, plastic tables and chairs, hairpins, decorations, etc. will have plastic damage. Some repairs, or they can stick with some glue. However, some people feel that using glue will not restore the original appearance and is not beautiful. 

So what are the plastic welding repair methods?

What glue is used for plastic fracture repair?
Small plastic products can generally be repaired by using glue.

 1, PS, etc. directly use this YH-818! Is it possible to solve your problem Hello! One-component operation is convenient and affordable, such as ABS, PVC. Transparent and environmentally friendly, if it is nylon bonding, it is no problem to use YH-888 to debond, acrylic, PE use YH-820, such as PP, what material is the specific plastic.

 2. 5198 glue can be used if conditions permit, and chloroform can be used if not. If not, the essential oil sold in drugstores can be used. .

What are the plastic welding repair methods?
For larger plastic products, such as car bumpers, we generally use plastic welding tools, plastic welding guns, and these tools to work.

1. Hot melt bonding (plastic welding) Hot melt, also known as plastic welding, is the basic method of thermoplastic connection. Plastic welding is a process method that heats the bonded parts of plastic products to melt them, and then connects the two products into a whole after solidification and cooling.

2. The surface of the hot air welding connection is quite rough. The hot plate method is easy to produce flash, and it is necessary to carry out subsequent processing. The rotary welding method is suitable for thermoplastic resin products whose two connecting parts are circular in shape, and no additional adhesive is required. solvent or external heat.

3. The ultrasonic melting method is effective for thermoplastic resin products, can be processed at high speed, and the shape can be arbitrary.

4. The screw connection is effective for thermoplastic resin products, can be processed at high speed, and the shape can be arbitrary.

5. Adhesive bonding Appropriate adhesive is applied between the two bonding surfaces to form a layer of glue, and the two parts are bonded together by the function of the glue layer. It is a bonding method for thermoset plastics.

6. Welding stud implantation welding, that is, the working principle of the 'Shouning' plastic welding torch currently produced by our company. Durable, beautiful restoration.
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